San Francisco Peninsula
Bike Trails

32 Road and Mountain Bicycle Rides
through San Francisco and San Mateo Counties

By Conrad J. Boisvert
(Author of South Bay Bike Trails)



Explore the Peninsula by Bicycle!

Blessed with a near-perfect climate, a wide variety of terrain, spectacular natural beauty, and close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, the San Francisco Peninsula is a cyclist’s paradise. Few places can compare with the peninsula for the wealth of enjoyment and challenge available along the many country roads and mountain trails here, all within a short drive from nearly any population center.

Stretching from San Francisco in the north to Mountain View in the south and from the bay in the east to the ocean in the west, the San Francisco Peninsula is home to flatlands in the Santa Clara Valley, redwood forests in the coastal mountains, and the rugged coastline so characteristic of northern California. The large population of the peninsula and the ever-increasing popularity of recreational cycling have combined to fuel the search for the best roads and trails for riding.

This second edition of San Francisco Peninsula Bike Trails includes 32 separate ride routes, many of them totally new or modified from rides previously described in the first edition. Off-road biking is covered too, with 9 rides in some of the best places for mountain biking on the Peninsula. The routes selected will satisfy cyclists of any ability, as the distances range from 5 miles to 50 miles and the terrain from completely flat to very hilly.

Ride Highlights

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 San Francisco Peninula Bike Trails may be purchased at book stores and bike shops
throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, or can be ordered.through the Internet.

ISBN 978-0-9621-6949-6
© Second Edition, September 2004
32 rides, 128 pp., $17.95

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