Ride No. 9
San Leandro
Around Lake Chabot Regional Park

Region: Western
Ride Rating: Moderate
Type of Bike: Road Bike
Total Distance: 25 miles
Total Elevation Gain: 1,700 feet
Riding Time: 2-3 hours

About the Ride
Lake Chabot, part of the East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) and a main component of the water supply for the city of Oakland, is located in Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Encompassing nearly 5,000 acres, the park is the scene of a variety of recreational activities, such as camping, picnicking, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. This ride follows a route completely around the park along mostly rural roads with the exception of a short section through San Leandro.

Starting at the entrance to the marina for Lake Chabot, the route leads along the hills overlooking the lake and then down into San Leandro. After a short stretch along busy city streets, a long sustained climb along Golf Links Drive, Grass Valley Road, and Skyline Boulevard leads to the highest point along the route, some 1,160 feet above sea level. The route then descends along Redwood Road past the entrance to Redwood Regional Park and on to the intersection with Pinehurst Road. A relatively short climb after this will reward you with views of Upper San Leandro Reservoir. An exhilarating descent leads to Seven Hills Road and the return to the marina.

Starting Point
Start the ride at the entrance to the marina along Lake Chabot Road. To get there, take Highway 580 to San Leandro and get off at the exit for Fairmont Drive. Follow Fairmont Drive east up the hill and turn left onto Lake Chabot Road. Park anywhere along the road and start the mileage along the road at the entrance to the marina.
Mile Markers
0.0 Proceed NORTH along Lake Chabot Road, heading toward San Leandro.

0.2 Turn RIGHT at the intersection with Fairmont Drive to stay on Lake Chabot Road.

2.5 Begin Estudillo Avenue.

2.8 Pass under Highway 580 and then turn RIGHT onto MacArthur Boulevard.

3.4 Turn RIGHT onto Foothill Boulevard. You will have to cross several lanes of traffic to do this.

4.0 Continue STRAIGHT at 106th Avenue and then turn RIGHT onto Stanley Avenue.

4.6 Turn RIGHT onto 98th Avenue.

4.7 Turn RIGHT onto Golf Links Road and pass under Highway 580 Knowland Park and the Oakland Zoo will be on the right side.

6.6 Continue STRAIGHT to get on Grass Valley Road as Golf Links Road continues to the right.

7.0 Turn LEFT at the end of Grass Valley Road to get on Skyline Boulevard. 8.4 Equestrian Center on the right side.

10.2 High point 1,160 feet.

11.7 Turn RIGHT onto Redwood Road.

13.9 Entrance to Redwood Regional Park on the left side.

14.1 Intersection with Pinehurst Road on the left side.

16.0 Big Trees/Bort Meadow parking area on the right side.

17.4 Crest of the hill 870 feet.

18.2 Marciel Gate for Chabot Regional Park on the right side.

23.0 Turn RIGHT onto Seven Hills Drive.

24.1 Turn RIGHT onto Lake Chabot Road.

24.6 End of the ride back at the marina.

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